Backscratchers Glass Glaze Fibreglass and Silk

Backscratchers Glass Glaze Fibreglass and Silk Wrap System

Glass Glaze is the original Fibreglass and Silk Wrap and is voted by Nail Pro readers Number One Wrap System! Glass Glaze is stronger and more flexible than traditional liquid and powder. It is non-damaging and healthier for nails. Glass Glaze is the most sought after and best Fibreglass and Silk system available.

  • Most Natural looking
  • Stronger and lighter than traditional liquid and powder systems
  • Encourages natural nail growth
  • Doesn't dehydrate the nail
  • Strong bonding agent
  • Resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuation
  • Will not discolour or become brittle Minimum buffing required
  • Neat and simple to apply
  • Offers profitable and easy fill services
Backscratchers Glass Glaze Sample Kit
Backscratchers Glass Glaze Kikr

Option: 8oz - 240ml

Backscratchers Glass Glaze Complete Starter Kit Fiberglass
Backscratchers Extreme Glaze Sealer

Option: .5oz

Backscratchers Extreme Extra Brushes

Option: 8g, Pack:3

Backscratchers Glass Glaze Self Adhesive Fibreglass Mesh

Option: 2 yards

Backscratchers Brush On Stikr

Option: 8g

Backscratchers Emergency Stikr

Option: 5g, Pack:6

Backscratchers Stikr

Option: 1oz

Backscratchers Glass Glaze Sheer Magic Self Adhesive Silk

Option: 2 yards

Backscratchers Aerosol Kikr

Option: 6oz