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Course Introduction

Perfect course to take you from beginner to qualified Nail technician!

Don't be fooled by all the new copycat and me-too products that have come onto the market recently. For over 20 years Nail Techs and clients around the world have come to enjoy the benefits of the Backscratchers Extreme Acrylic Dip System. Backscratchers has perfected the dipping process. Finish Glaze Dryer along with our proprietary powders makes it the best, fastest and easiest application on the market. With other Acrylics you need to use 3-7 bottles of products to cover a nail. You have to ask yourself... Does it damage the natural nail?

  • Do they use a primer?
  • Is it cost effective with all those bottles?
  • Does it need a lamp?
  • Do I have room for all that on my table?
  • How easy is the system for Mobile Techs?
  • With Backscratchers Extreme Acrylic Dip System...
  • Fast and easy coverage
  • No damage to the natural nail
  • No Acrylic odour
  • No lamp
  • No primer
  • Natural looking
  • Strong and light to wear

This Backscratchers Acrylic Dipping System course offers expert training in the art of creating a professional set of nails with or without extensions using Backscratchers Acrylic Powder Dip System.

Spread over 4 days, this in-depth Acrylic Powder Dip nail course delivers the perfect balance of theory and practical to give you the knowledge, understanding, confidence and skill to begin your new career and provide a professional nail service. During the course you will be expected to meet certain requirements, produce case studies (where applicable) Any student who does not achieve the pass standard will be invited to repeat the course with no extra charge apart from products used.

Course Requirements

This course is for beginners and so there are no requirements a complete manicure qualification is included. Our student kit is required.

What Subjects are Covered?

Download our course manual and in your own time read through the contents and be ready to answer the multi choice questions on the following.

Direct Beauty Supplies - A Brief History, Appearance - Presenting as a professional, Health and Safety (It matters), Liability Insurance, COSHH, Salon Hygiene, Anatomy and Physiology, Nails, Hands and Feet, Disease and Disorders, Client Consultation, Nail Shapes, Record Card and GDPR, Marketing, Profile Image, Treatment List, Price List, Location, Contact Details, Social Media Links, Training resources, Identify the following Disorders, Identify the following Nail Shapes, Test Paper, Client Consultation Card.

With an understanding of the theory you will spend the majority of the time enjoying these pratical subjects - Manicure including cuticle and nail preparation, Tip sizing and correct application, Dip Powder overlay, Finish. Extreme Re Glaze Maintenance, Extreme Re Powder Maintenance, Dip powder overlay on natural nails with either clear or Pink Dip powder. Removal Of The System, Maintenance and Aftercare, Advice to your Clients, Product Assistance. This will be taught face to face either inside the trainers salon, on your premises if the trainer has travelled to you or via video where you can watch your trainer closely and more importantly she can watch and guide you in real time following instruction with supporting close up photographs and images. In all scenarios there will be case studies and images and video's needed to assess your progress.

we ask you to follow the Step by Steps as written by Michael Megna inventor and manufacturer. Simply send us photographic and video evidence of each stage via email, What's App or social media to us of the following for assessment.

  • Nail Preparation
  • Product overlay on natural nails
  • Tip Application
  • Product overlay over Tips
  • Finish
  • Rebalance/Infills

We will file all your documents and evidence safely in your student folder ready to pass on for assessment. Any technical help needed is just a phone call or an email away, we are all here to help.

What will I Received?

This is an accredited course and instantly insurable. You will recieve Professional Certification by Direct Beauty Supplies. (Please check that online courses are accepted by your current insurers)

DBS Certificates are created and forwarded as PDF's at a cost of £20.00 . They are however included at no charge when a kit is purchased. (See options at the checkout)

Once completed you will have automatic access to a range of Business Support which includes FREE advertising materials and FREE website! Our aim is to help you grow and promote your business, provide services to your clients and create additional, profitable revenue streams!

What does the Kit Include?

Make sure you have the core products to cover the complete course.

*Please view the training kits and make your choice when booking, DBS kits are discounted for students!

Extreme Deluxe RRP £120.00 now £85.00 when purchased with this course!

  • 14.2g Base Glaze
  • 14.2 Finish Glaze
  • 28g Powder Glaze
  • 123g Glaze Dryer
  • 14.78ml Glaze Sealer
  • Nouveau Tips (60 ct)
  • 20 of each of Natural, French Pearl, French White
  • 3 Replaceable Brushes
  • Septifile Trial Pack
  • 3ml Hygienic Elegance
  • Neat and Tidy 30ml Stripr
  • Nail Radiance Bullet Tube
  • Salon Placemat
  • Foam Caddy
  • Powder Dipper

*For Beginners only* 100 Practice Tips, 1 x 3 way file and buffer, 1 x 2x2 240 Grit File, Draw String Bag

I'm ready to book! What happens now

Congratulation you are taking the step towards gaining a new qualification! Choose to buy our kit or use your own Backscratchers products at the check out options and that's it!

Once you book we will forward the relevant manual to you (If you can’t see it please check your junk/trash folder or contact us) This course although non-refundable will remained booked for 3 months.

When you have your manual you can start immediately, if you've purchased a training kit it will arrive with you with 2-5 working days, work through the manual at your own pace, answer the multiple choice questions and get ready for the practical work! Email your quiz answers to us along with any relevant certificates.

Thank you for choosing a course with Direct Beauty Supplies are available via email during work hours and often beyond!

Home Study Beginners Backscratchers Dip Course
Home Study Beginners Backscratchers Dip Course

* Requires Kit

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£299.00 NOW £99.00