Direct Beauty Supplies is an established provider of quality hair, nail and beauty products to 100's of salons and mobile throughout the UK and Europe. Whilst providing quality products, Direct Beauty Supplies also incorporates training courses, software products, websites and advertising, providing our customers all that is needed to stay up to date with today's quickly changing hair, nail and beauty market trends.

When dealing with us, you're in good company. Direct Beauty Supplies is owned and managed hair, nail and beauty professionals, with years of experience in the hair and beauty sector and having a good understanding of what you, the professional, is looking for when it comes to hair, nail and beauty products. With established links to a number of the Country's leading product manufacturers and suppliers, world famous overseas manufacturers and Web IT experts, you have access to sound products, services and the training you need to help you grow your salon or mobile business.

Backscratchers Products UK

We're the official distributors of Backscratchers Products for the UK. We bring in products from the USA every eight weeks, ensuring when the products reaches you, its fresh and in great form. If you thought you could not get Backscratchers anymore in the UK, think again. It's still going strong...after 30 years...where other brands have come and gone again!

Where Can I Order Backscratchers Products?

Through this website. Its really easy! There is only a minimum order of £100 and you can order whenever you need to top up. Order deadline dates are published through the website. Always make sure you order enough products to last. If you're not sure what to do, call the number in the contact section below. We'd love to hear from you!

DBS / Backscratchers Team

We have independent Backscratchers Training and workshop providers throughout the UK. We're always delighted to hear from individuals who are interested in joining our Backscratchers training team.

Whilst our independent trainers are experienced and qualified in multiple disciplines, all our trainers are highly experienced Nail Techs, all use Backscratchers Products with their own specialities and all manage their own successful businesses.

If you would like to become an authorised Independent Backscratchers Trainer, or you are interested in providing Backscratchers Nail Treatments to your clients, please call Diane on 0795 566 7851

Did You Know?

As an authorised Independent Backscratchers Trainer, you too, also have automatic access to a range of Business Support which includes marketing material, your own professional website and an appointment app...FREE! Yes...that does say FREE.

Being a part of our training team, we thought, should have its advantages and charging for these addons would be unfair. Its a part of our commitment to ensure that, as a trainer, you get as much support as possible, allowing you to concentrate on the important things. Note, we do not apply, or expect you to meet product sales targets...we think thats our job. Want more information? Please call Diane on 0795 566 7851.

Diane | Direct Beauty Supplies / Backscratchers UK


GB Europe

A qualified hair dresser, with a wealth of experience in business, in the industry, with a career spanning over 40 years! Always accessible and happy to answer questions personally!

Andrew | Direct Beauty Supplies / Backscratchers UK


GB Europe

A career spanning 25 years in creative design and web development for the hair and beauty sector. Specialises in ecommerce, appointment apps and marketing.

Toni | Direct Beauty Supplies / Backscratchers UK

Role:Course Manager

Derbyshire England GB

An Independent, highly qualified, multi-skilled trainer. 25 years in hair, beauty and nails, Toni specialises in combining Backscratchers Products with creative Nail Art!

Erica | Direct Beauty Supplies / Backscratchers UK

Role:Independent Trainer

Lincolnshire England GB

Emma | Direct Beauty Supplies / Backscratchers UK

Role:Independent Trainer

Birmingham England GB

Naomi | Direct Beauty Supplies / Backscratchers UK

Role:Independent Trainer

Hertfordshire England GB

Gaynor | Direct Beauty Supplies / Backscratchers UK

Role:Independent Trainer

Hengoed Wales GB

Nina | Direct Beauty Supplies / Backscratchers UK

Role:Independent Trainer

West Sussex England GB

Debbie | Direct Beauty Supplies / Backscratchers UK

Role:Independent Trainer

Hertfordshire England GB