Noir Volume Lashes Kit


Noir Volume Lashes Kit - Noir Volume Lashes are ultra-lightweight, with superior curl retention and iconic radiant jet-black sheen.

LashArt Deluxe Artist Case Included (RRP £20)

Return on Investment

8000 lashes in each tray = 10 Russian Volume 5D Full Sets (Earning potential £1150 @£115 per full set) +

5600 lashes in each tray = 12 Russian Volume 3D Full Sets (Earning potential £1200 @£100 per full set)

Total: £2350

The new NOIR Star Volume Lashes are also far lighter- 33% lighter than normal 0.10 lashes which means you can apply more 2D or 3D fans, avoiding the use of a more difficult thinner lash, such as 0.07. The little gaps on the lash surface increases the bonding area, which means better bonding powder and longer lasting results. This new lash is great, both for beginners who struggle with volume fanning, as well as for experienced lash technicians who want to speed up the application process.

Kit includes


LashArt Makeup Remover Pads (70pcs)

Noir JetSet Glue (3g)

LashArt Glue Preserving Pack & Silica Gel

Glue Safety Card

LashArt Sanitizer (5ml)

Sanitizer Instruction Card

FairyFix Primer (10ml)

FairyFix Orange Gel Remover (10g)


Noir Volume Lashes 0.07 Mink Eyelashes Mix Tray C/D Curl

Noir Volume Lashes 0.07 Self Fanning Eyelashes Mix Tray C/D Curl


Noir Ultimate Tweezers

LashArt Separation Tweezers

LashArt Dual Black Tweezer Case

LashArt Signature Glue Vials

LashArt Hand Sponge

LashArt Eyelash Ruler

LashArt Sleek Lash Definer


LashArt 3M Micropore Tape

LashArt Styling Wands SS (25pcs)

LashArt Lint Free Applicator LA (25pcs)

LashArt Easy Peeler Eye Gel Patches (20pairs)


LashArt Deluxe Artist Case

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