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Moyra Nail Products

The Moyra brand in an established brand of nail products, from Hungary, available on the market for over 15 years. Moyra nail products market success over the years has allowed the brand to develop the product offering which now includes a whole range of raw materials, supplies and tools for nail construction and decoration.

Moyra and their quality range of nail decorative products have one goal, customer satisfaction to the fullest extent. Striving for constant renewal, expansion of products and services with aim to introducing new products to the market.  Many of the raw materials used by Moyra are sourced from Italian and German companies, which include suppliers of the world's leading cosmetics companies.

In October 2009 Moyra opened their store in Ferenc Boulevard in Budapest and in April 2016 in Győr, Király Street. Stores in which nail technicians can find everything they need in high quality and affordable nail products. Whilst selling a wide range of raw materials and nail decorations, Moyra also offer an extensive range of brushes, files, metal tools and other accessories for both professionals and retail customers. Staff are well experienced and can offer practical tips for all individuals interested in nail design, manicure and product use.

To meet the growing demand of nail professionals and educators, a number of courses are available, including decoration, construction techniques, product and material guidelines. In addition to courses, workshops can also be organised where new products are introduced.

With first class products and training we have the perfect solution for those wishing to express themselves and their individuality. If you would like to know about any of our courses and products, please contact us here. If you prefer to speak to someone instead, call Diane on 0795 566 7851, she is always happy to hear from your is is on hand to offer any advice she can.

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